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I got my dice from the most talented Kwality570 - and they are so very cool. Halloween and they are perfect - they are displayed with my round one inchie dice up on the pantry in my kitchen so I can enjoy them each day. :slight_smile: by the way LOVE the gold and the pics so cute.


These are fantastic!! Adorable Halloween scenes!!

I’m so glad that you like them! I had a fun time researching Halloween themes and trying to make all of the sides unique. It was difficult because Halloween isn’t a go to theme of mine, so it made for a fun challenge. I was going to go with black for the blocks, but decided on gold to make them pop a bit since they were so dingy colored.


Those Halloween dice at fab! Love the potion bottles. Not sure I could have come up with 12 Halloween ideas!

I got mine from @Abbeeroad she went with my board games and my cat themes.
I mostly play esoteric games no one has heard of now but as a kid Clue was a favorite! (I blanked on it when I was listing games abbe!)

So she made clue characters out of cats and then cat related items.

Mrs. Purrcock is my favorite name.

Col. Meowstard is a close second.

As an added bonus a couple of the cat related items actually look just like the images in a game I have called Cat Lady. Cute card game if anyone is interested!


Phew! I’m so glad they aren’t a total flop! :sweat_smile: I was secretly hoping you would list Clue when I asked you about games. I definitely just forged ahead even though you didn’t. And then they became cats…I had to keep the theme going with cat-weapons. They DO look like your game! How funny!!!


Those dice are hilarious and nicely done!


@Abbeeroad - So clever! I love their names and the weapons! :joy:

What do you all do with these inchie dice? Do you have a way to display them like a printers tray or…???

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I have no idea what I’m going to do with mine! They will probably end up on my crafting table somewhere where I can see them and be inspired by them.

I need some cool little shelf to display all my swap goodies. Someday when the kids are out of the house and I can claim more space. :crossed_fingers:

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I keep mine up with my seasonal things up on a cabinet, change them to reflect either the season or my mood

Mine arrived yesterday from @goatgoddesss

They are for my writing prompt and are super shiny on purple blocks :grin:

Mine, I now have 8, sometimes sit on a shelf as part of a display of ‘things’, but they get moved frequently when I want to look at them, change the focus etc

This one

Hit me, because of a recent loss. So it will be in display and maybe I should actually write about it!!


Here are all of mine:


Oh I love the purple blocks! Writing prompts are great for these!

so glad you like them. and they got there in good time. not bad at all time wise. :slight_smile:

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I received my blocks from @goatgoddesss and they are soooo adorable! She picked my dinosaur theme and delivered these amazing little cuties. Thank you for making these special dice for me!


How cuuute!

so glad you like them - looks like I leaned into blue more than realized.

I received the most amazing set of art prompt dice from @geekgirl!!

Group shot to show card and packaging:

And each side:

Thank you so much Carlee! I LOVE them!! :heart:


Not only are they beautiful, they would be fun to roll and then do some art!


What a fun set of prompt dice! I love the little works of art!!! Gorgeous work @geekgirl!

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