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Ooh! Looks like I am the first to roll into action here! (Pun intended)
I received a set of fabulous Inchie Dice from the talented @goatgoddesss. She went with my numbers theme. She chose to do simplified zentangles with a bold number. I love the soft colors and style.
These things were a little odd to get photos of. I hope I did okay!

Thank you so much. These are so much fun! I can’t wait to see what everyone else creates. :green_heart:


I am fascinated by this swap and really looking forward to seeing everyone’s Inchie Dice!

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These are so cute!!! And they’re grey!!! Your favorite!!

Great job, @goatgoddesss !!

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Those look great! I love the pastel colors against the gray.

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I love them! They look so cool next to each other! And, I love how the backgrounds, as busy as they are, don’t detract from the numbers. So fun!

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Perfect for @gozer! Very pretty!

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so glad you like them @gozer - it is interesting trying to take photos of them for sure. did not think aobut it till I took pics before sending them out.

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I didn’t think about it until I got yours! I did have a pretty piece of pink paper that I thought went well with them so I used it to be fancy.


I received some cottagecore cuteness from @goatgoddess today.

They are so sweet :relaxed:
Thank you so much, I can’t wait to put them on my plant shelf, they are going to look right at home there!


@goatgoddesss Omgawwwd! They are so cute! And the little frogs! And all the tiny little colors - you must have used a toothpick! AND THE SNAIL!!!

so freaking adorable! I’m in love

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so glad you like them :slight_smile: I used art markers with a fine liner. pinterest was helpful for image ideas


I somehow completely missed the gallery :flushed:

Both sets are so amazing. I just adore seeing what people do with such a tiny space :smiley:

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got mine from gozer and they are amazing, really love them. I do see now that I put the pics together that I missed the turtle and got a couple of the others twice but the turtle is in the home shot if upside down, they are all so cute :slight_smile:


@gozer such cute little critters! Love them!

(And @goatgoddesss that bunny bum! Squee!)


Omgawd! That little puppy and pig! So freaking cute, @gozer!!

And great pix, @goatgoddesss !


All of the images are so adorable, but that little hedgehog :heart_eyes:

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My first set of dice have arrived in super fast time from @seeuudee

Here’s a couple of pictures including a little stand that is so cute:

I’d love to know what you used to make them so shiny


The dice are adorable, and that stand is genius. Very pretty @seeuudee

got my second set of Cubes from veghorsegirl and they are oh so cute!! my theme of Tea and Animals, Very cute.
thank you so much! Love them. :slight_smile: