Inchie Dice Swap Round 2 - S/U 3/17

I have an idea I’m hoping to make work but I won’t be able to get started until next week. Lots of time for ideas and action plans to solidify!

almost done with the art part of one set… now to get busy on the second set. :slight_smile:

I got my dice done for @goatgoddesss! I picked a theme I’d not normally choose for a fun challenge. I wasn’t sure how well they’d turn out or come together, but I think I worked it all out.

I’ll get them packaged up tonight and in the mail tomorrow!

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since I had delayed signups by several days do people need me to extend send outs?

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I am hoping to make some major progress this week/weekend, but I wouldn’t say no to extra time just in case!

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I extended the send outs to April 24

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Thank you! I’m still gonna try to bust my butt this week. :sweat_smile: I haven’t even started, but my idea is bursting to get out.

Well. My idea got a little twisted on the way out. Hopefully for the better…? Some friends assured me it’s not terrible… :crossed_fingers:

Man…inchies are tiny!

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I had started one idea and didn’t like it.

But I am taking off early today and have a 4 day weekend ahead and a new vision!

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I almost abandoned this idea, but ended up doubling down on it in the end. I hope it’s ok!! Eeek! Cue anxiety.

I’m finishing up today, but might give myself the weekend to change my mind. :laughing:

I got my most wonderful Dice yesterday from Kwality570 - love them.

got mine sent out the other day as well.

Gallery has been posted!