Inchie Merit Badges

Yesterday I decided to turn my Collage-y Inchies into tiny merit badge blanks. I cut pieces of coordinating thread, doubled-over washi tape, and a cool fibrous, textured paper I got in a swap. Then I (sort of) arranged them, hit them with a piece of masking tape, and taped them to the back of the inchie. I’m envisioning them as card fronts, so I’ll probably add some sort of merit-ish text as needed.

I was so happy with those that I wanted to make some more today from a masterboard I had on hand. These are…a little scraggly, but they fought me so hard that at that point I was done in every sense of the word :laughing:.

Thanks for looking!


Very cool! Can’t wait to see how they end up.

What a cool idea to combine inchies and merit badges!

They look fab!! Wonderful colour and texture!

What a neat idea! :slight_smile:

Super cute and full of potential!

These will make great cards! Fabulous idea!

They are so tiny! I am out of my chair staring at the screen! I love the papery fringe bits, and airy pieces.

Very cool!

I can relate to work in process sometimes fighting you hard.
But you won!
They look great.

They look nifty!

Thanks, all! The second set is growing on me as I get some distance from the frustration and acknowledge that they don’t all have to be crammed full. And also that some of those threads are super long; I can cut them and use the extra lengths to fill in gaps.

What a cute idea!

They remind me of tiny square jellyfish!

I never thought of that, but I’m filing away the idea…