Collage-y Inchies

While creating a tiny inchie masterboard for my mini bookmark, I went ahead and made a couple of other inchies in the same style. (I had a big existential think about whether I could call these masterboards if I made them with no intention of cutting down for other projects, so I’m filing them under “inchie.”)

The pink and black one is just paint and book text. The mostly pink one also has some drinking straw wrapper.

These were my first-ever inchies, and I have even more respect now for people who manage to actually draw, etc., on that small a scale.

Thanks for looking!


I love these! The drinking straw idea was perfect!

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I really like the yellow popping out against the pink.

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I think they’re great! Soon you’ll find yourself with a whole collection :wink: I remember when I first started making inchies it was hard to stop for a while… lol.

I absolutely love the masterboard technique as inchies! :heart:

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Delightful with those sunny colors and designs!

Update: I turned them into tiny merit badge bases! Better photo tomorrow with daylight. Updated photo:

I really like these!!!