Inchies for penpal

I’m learning so much from this site :heart:

I had never heard of inchies until i saw the term here. And it’s the perfect thing to use up my paper scraps!

I am part of a penpal group on Discord, and I made these inchies to send to someone on there.


Cute! I love the smaller space of an inchie. I especially love your black and gold one that looks like cracks!

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Aren’t they fun?
Years ago someone collected a whole bunch from all of us & made a big, huge rainbow display of them. It was awesome! Those were the first, but not the last, inchies I ever made. Such a groovy little project.
There are twinchies & thrinchies too!


Inchies are a lot of fun! It’s amazing how much detail you can pack into a square inch. Yours are very nice - love the gold!

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And those circular ones as well. I forget if they have a name. They’re the perfect size for fitting into a bottle cap and making a magnet.

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I like the black and gold ones. There’s also twinchies! Love working in tiny space places!!!

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Hadn’t heard of the thrinchies but I’m not surprised! :smile:

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