Inchies for Swap

My swap partner received her inchies! They are my first ones, ever.

Four of them have a winter/Christmas vibe.

The other ones are more random.

The one on the lower right is tricky to photograph, so here’s a better picture.

It is on layers of handmade paper and vellum, so somewhat translucent.

Most of them are stamped and/or hand-colored. And almost all are embellished with foil accents, because I got a heat/foiling tool and went to town playing with it!

This was fun, but a little nerve-wracking because I felt my offerings weren’t “artsy” enough. They are really more just decorative, like little greeting cards or package decorations.

Not sure inchies are my thing!


The wintery ones are so pretty!

The wintery ones are really pretty! And a crafty fox! And I just realized the C-ster one is one a cactus! Thank you!

They are really lovely

I’m in this boat a lot, but I think you’re selling yourself short here. The wintry ones especially seem pretty artful to me (that bird!).

I think they are all lovely! Not everyone collect these for “art”…I think of them as embellishments for my own work, packages, altered art, etc. They are fun and they are all special.

I really like the glittery one…I enjoy the techniques and textures people do with such a tiny space…

But, I am also a sucker for birds…

These are your first inchies? I never would have guessed. They are all lovely. The holiday ones have such beatiful images. Of course, the Craftster one holds a special place in my heart. Did the sparkly little hummingbird go to our favorite hummingbird hoarder @Lynx?

These all came to meeeee!!! I’m a lucky girl!

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They’re beautiful. I hope you can be proud of them. I hope you make more. Please don’t doubt yourself. You’re making wonderful things.

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You did it perfectly! These are like teeny ATCs, you really can’t go wrong. They are great!

Your first inchies turned out great! Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:

Wow! You did an awesome job! These are great! :slight_smile: :clap:

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These are lovely! I especially love the winter set :grinning:

Thanks, everyone! I found them to be a bit stressy…

Cute inchies :smiley: I love the amount of details :smiley: