Invite Your Partner 2023 Swap GALLERY!

I recd from @gozer !

We decided on doing monsters in our swap to coincide with The March Monster Jam (and the Craft in Your Style challenge). She also combined that with a few of my other themes to include fairytales, cryptids and tarot. I love it!
Check these out…

This guy look familiar?! I love his teeth so much.

@gozer Did you design the stickers? Too dang cute.

Thank you for excepting my invite to the swap and creating such fun pieces for me. :heart:


So many adorable creatures! :heart::heart:


I received my swap package from @irid3sc3nt! Oooooh my goodness! I opened this cute box and found all this adorable goodness!

The first thing I zeroed in on was this wonderful, needle felt Hello Kitty! Yep! I made a squee! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then this wonderfully adorable crocheted Lemon Bee! I love bees so this was just fantastical to find!

Then I found this cute ATC, in my Hello Kitty theme! I absolutely love it! It will go with the rest of my collection of HK ATC’S.

Annnnd the goodies didn’t end there! Oh no… she spoiled me with even more sweet goodies that were store bought… candy, a multicolored lead pencil, Hello Kitty cabachons, 2 stamps and a pretty floral magnet (did you make this?) And all in this cute little purse.

Thank you so much Carissa for agreeing to be my partner! I love everything! Looking forward to swapping with you again!


Yay, I’m glad you like it all! The magnet was purchased in Iowa from a store that had a mixture of handmade items and manufactured items. It could have been handmade, just not by me :grin:

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Goodness me this gallery is spectacular! I need to catch up on comments on everything, it’s all so beautiful.

@Abbeeroad those scrappy pieces and rabbit picture are just gorgeous! I adore that scrappy fabric ball, it’s wonderful :heart:

@megwell your art is always so original and fantastic! The Duckling of the Runes cracks me up and has the perfectly slightly creepy edge :smile_cat:

@Juju what a sweet package! The little raven decoration is fabulous!

@Reinikka your ATCs just get better and better! That time traveller one is amazing!

@Kwality570 I love that scrappy notebook cover, gorgeous textures and patterns!

@geekgirl the collage pieces and artwork are brilliant! The layering up of detail and pattern is luscious!

@mel that knitting is delicious! the stripy pouch is especially pretty :sparkling_heart:

@gozer what a fantastic assortment of monsters! beautifully drawn!

@irid3sc3nt that is such a thoughtful, adorable package! love felt Hello Kitty :sparkling_heart:


Oh, hey there.

All you swapping swappers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?


I received an absolutely gorgeous package from @photojenn!! We decided to swap a special large item each, plus extras. Take a look at these fabulous things :sparkling_heart:

She made a set of three exquisite handwoven teatowels. They are so soft and beautiful, both sides of the twill weave are lovely, and they are so perfectly woven and stitched!

As if that wasn’t special enough, she also made a fantastic sketchbook, using some of her artwork on canvas for the cover - here it is opened out so you can see the cover better (plus the gorgeous card featuring more of her art) …

… and, for extras, a fabulous coaster (love the colours), some beautiful recycled silk sari ribbon, and a set of wonderful botanical stencils, which I can’t wait to use!

Thank you so much Jenn, I really enjoyed swapping with you, and love what you made for me :heart: I’m looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous weaving and painting on Lettuce!


Gorgeous handwoven linens, and the extras are fabulous, too!


@photojenn - those woven teatowels are absolutely stunning. I love how they complement each other without being the same. The colors are great. I think the top one is my favorite, but they are all amazing. The sketchbook is so beautiful! Love those colors! The mug rug is darling! And the ribbon is always a treat. Wonderful package.


Ooo, the towels, those are gorgeous. If they’re anything like the one I have then they feel wonderful.
I’m so glad I was able to snag some of Jenn’s artwork in the STS, it looks like the sketchbook cover.


Talent abounds in this swap! Beautiful work.


The colors of those towels are striking!

Jenn uses a lot of her art to make beautiful things…the sketchbook is one of them!

Also, the coaster is, again, a wonderful mix of colors.


I received from @endymion!!! I’m just speechless you guys!!

I tried to get a couple different angles. The repeating pattern is soo stunning. And her symmetry is perfect! There’s no way I could achieve this. Even Mr. Road was like “whoa.”

And she sent me some tea and fabric scraps…two of my favorite things!!

Thank you soo much @endymion!! You’re amazing!!


“Whoa.” was my exact reaction.


Mesmerizing! I still can’t wrap my head around how @endymion can make those…beautiful pattern…


Gosh @endymion, that is just gorgeous! Stunning work :heart:


Wow, that is gorgeous @endymion!! I know a bit about how to make temari balls and I can’t figure out how you even started dividing the ball for that pattern. I’m super impressed, great work!


Glad you like it, @Abbeeroad! I’ve been wanting to try that stitch pattern for a long time. It is far from perfectly symmetrical, but it looks fine from a distance and overall I like how it turned out. Thanks again for agreeing to swap with me!


Wow. Wow. Wow. Im blown away @endymion

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It’s a very beautiful piece of handiwork. So many swirls, just beautiful.

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