Is anyone growing veggies?

My DW has seedlings growing on the enclosed porch, I think she planted greens of some sort.

I started clearing parts of the garden for planting. We are rotating sides of the garden and well, let’s just say I clean up in the fall better than the better half. We loosely divide the garden in half to manage things better. I was going to plant peas, it’s still quite cold here in Connecticut, my daffs haven’t bloomed, but then it started to rain. Today is lovely, still cool, but those peans need to get in the ground. Maybe after work.

I do peas, beans and lots of root veggies, she plants tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, basil, kale and all kinds of greens for salads and stir fry.


How are everyone’s gardens doing?

My pak choi, spinach, carrots and lettuce is growing. I’ve sown sweetcorn (a first for me) but they’ve not sprouted (yet?). I have tomatoes, basil, courgette, pumpkin and squash on the windowsill. There are lots of flowers on my strawberries.

In 2,5 weeks we’re going on a 2-week holiday. We’ve not been on holiday since I’ve started gardening seriously so this will be a first. I’m going to set up an automatic watering system and hope for the best.I’ve tried to make sure everything I’m growing suits the schedule - everything that’s on the windowsill right now will be planted outside the day before we leave and I’m hoping for the best. Normally I pick the first strawberries mid-June and by then we’ll be back, so hopefully that timing works out.

Our neighbour will check whether our automatic watering system does what it’s supposed to do and in case of failure we have a friend on standby who can reset it (it’s a pretty simple Gardena system). My neigbhour does not even have one green finger and killed off our garden before, but checking whether the watering system turns itself on should be do-able.

And prepare yourself for the biggest, prettiest weeds ever when you return. Those pesky invaders can tell when you are gone!

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Coworker brought hot pepper baby, maybe bird’s eye, not sure.


This is the weekend to plant. We are still getting very cool nights here in Connecticut, but the days have warmed up. I may still wait to plant basil, it’s so tender, but the rest of the starts and seeds can go in. Pretty much the usual, peas, radishes, bok choi and similar, and first seeding of lettuce are in. Potatoes, sweet potatoes (end of May), beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, kale, kohlrabi, beets, squash, more radishes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and probably a few I forgot. Now I am exhausted.
But the weeds are pulled, the beds are ready. I am also adding some flowers, nasturtium and marigolds and morning glory for visual fun.

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Sounds good!

I’ve got all the plants but now to get them all in containers. We purchased tomato plants too early from Costco and the late frosts took two of them. :cry: Storms today so have them all huddled together waiting for it to pass.

The potatoes are in after edging and digging the bed some. Then I dug up a new spot for parsley, bunch onions, and heavenly basil, I hope it comes up as the seed I gathered last year didn’t look very seedy. Cucumbers and yellow squash are in. My DW planted tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, oh, and basil.
We had very few volunteers this spring, no lettuce, but I do have a nice patch of swiss chard and beans sprouting.
We need some rain, not super dry , but rain would be perfect about now.

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Some kiddos in the neighborhood were selling plants so my son bought three tomatoes for me. I’m not sure if they were… oh what’s the word… if they were hardened so we’ll see how they do. They’re pretty small and he may have pushed on one a little too hard.


My bed of carrots had some scattered birdseed in it. I thought I removed enough of it before planting, but looks like I didn’t. Soooo… lots of interesting things growing, and I’m not sure if any of them are carrots. I’m pulling up sunflower sprouts, oatgrass and mystery sprouts…

I saved two sunflower sprouts and put them in tiny pots for now,

My wax beans are sprouting despite getting pretty dried out in the greenhouse. 3 out of 4 sprouted so far, and it’s last years seeds.

I’ve got a whole bunch of leeks growing. We’ll see if I can keep them alive.

We have a small herb garden going. The chives, sage, and tarragon survived the winter. We added mint, rosemary, and thyme. There’s a row of shallots in the box too, but they haven’t showed yet.


While it’s been a near 30C week here. I’m not foolish enough to trust Canadian weather.

These guys are playing the in and out game to work on hardening them off.

The new front lawn planter boxes come tomorrow. The bot and I have decided to plant corn out back in our new sunny gardens.(neighbour lost a huge maple that has COMPLETELY opened up our back from mossy shady to bright and sunny)
But first we need to do some shopping


Cool shirt!

I wanted to give sweetcorn a try, too, but so far I don’t see anything coming up yet (seeds planted 2 weeks ago).

Well, at least the tomatoes, squash and courgette are doing well and they’ll be going outside soon.

I don’t have a lot of pictures yet, but my dh has planted things and have a good start.

We planted snap peas, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatos, lettuce, onions, squash, and some herbs. The snap peas, lettuce, onions, and potatoes were planted earlier and are fun to watch grow!

We also bought 2 blueberry plants last year. They have come back (yay!). We may not get fruit, but we have some blooms.


We got a lowbush last year, the advice was to pinch the blossoms entirely for at least the first 2 years to encourage growth. We expect a small berry harvest starting at year 4, until then it’s just a sad spindly “decoration” in the corner of the back yard, lol.