Is anyone growing veggies?

Yup, that’s my fingernails too. Don’t you just love getting your hands into the dirt?


I just cut my fingernails really short :joy:

This is the herb garden a few weeks ago, just after planting some new ones. Left to right:
Tarragon (a real surviver that comes back year after year)
Fancy basil with red leaves (front)
Chives (back)

The chives also grow back after the winter. I’ve started to find new tufts of chives in that planter. It’s just so nice to get something fresh and green in early spring. Later in the season the bumblebees enjoy the flowers.

This was early spring when it first started growing:


Hilled up the potatoes and added straw. I also weeded the new asparagus and strawberry bed and mulched with straw.
We have been having salads and tonight will saute up some garlic scapes. I love it when the garden starts feeding us.
Unfortunately the rabbits or ground hog decimated the peas.