Is anyone growing veggies?

We usually steam it and eat it with a bit of oil or butter and basalmic vinegar, or bake it with olive oil and garlic, or add it to soups, or in veggie egg scrambles, or stir fries, or…we live kale. It started out slow this spring and then didn’t grow much throughout the summer, then suddenly took off and now we have a forest. We were thinking of dehydrating. And making more kale chips

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My seed order has arrived! Butternut squash, rhubarb and zucchini for next year. Chervil that I’m going to try to grow right now, if that doesn’t work it’s for next spring too. I got a spearmint freebie with my order. And the best part…100 crocus bulbs and a peony root!


Here is a lot of what we dehydrated, from left to right:
Tomatoes and tomato skin powder, carrots, beets, corn, apples, potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, celery and greens powders.

Apples in various sizes for granola, oat meal and baking, and snacking.

The celery powder is layers of stalk and greens, ours and some that came in a CSA share. It is fantastically flavourful!

We are taking apart all of the raised beds and giving away the soil and boards, this is 5 of 8 we’ve had the past few years. I’ll still plant a few large pots of this and that but I would like to focus on the preserving, rather than the growing.