ISO — CROCHET baby afghan patterns

I’m ‘into’ crocheting baby afghans and looking for different patterns …

What’s your favourite pattern


Do you have a favourite designer that you’d recommend their patterns

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I have purchased many of her afghan designs

They are very thick blankets with lots of texture. Warning: they do take up a lot of yarn but most of the yarns are inexpensive because I use solid acrylics to show off the wonderful textures. I joined her afghan club but found I only did one or two so now I just buy single patterns.


I really like star afghans, 5 point - 12 point, they just look so pretty and unusual when they are done.


Thanks Linda, I’ll check them out.

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Oh yeah, I made some years ago but might have to look at them again.

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I like c2c. Easy to memorize so I can take it out with me without worrying about pattern. Very flexible with colour and size too, which is great. Prefer it to granny squares - fewer ends and little chance of little fingers and toes being caught in holes.

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I had to look up what that meant as I’d never heard it before. Looks interesting, I’ll check it out.

You should try it! I love a good c2c…it just grows and grows and makes a nice blanket…

Here is one made by pottermouth

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Thanks for the link. That’s the exact colour I have too so maybe I’ll give it a go.

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I used to haunt used book stores and clearance places for the Leisure Arts crochet books - they put out so many afghan books and crochet pattern books and some of those patterns are classics - some of the baby afghans I have made have been from them. But frankly, there are so many freebie patterns out there on Ravelry and the like.

I also like the star pattern if I am using a really fluffy or a variegated yarn.

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