It was in my head and needed to be set free

So thanks to @AIMR who shared this tutorial I generally don’t do videos they do not help me at all but this one caught my interest. Then ideas formed and I had to make something! This is my first time binding, making any kind of journal at all.

So I started with some Frida print cotton where I felt it was a bit too flat so added beads and embroidery and such to it. Don’t do this! It made making the journal so much harder because then I had to size everything to the motif and not just find envelopes and templates I liked the size and sized the cover to the signatures!

Its not perfect and lacks a closure, but, I have decided on the right closure so its going to be lacking one until inspiration hits!

I added some envelopes out of foils, papers and even acetate and then added buttons with some more twine for closures on some

I added some pocket signatures

over time I’ll apply some pockets to the back of envelopes or the pocket signatures, maybe doodle or wrote, continue to fill and some day it may find the right closure that calls to me.


I think you picked a fabulous fabric for your journal! The inside is so much more interesting with the mix of patterns and vibrant colors!

I am so stealing your idea of using the button closures…some of my envelopes are stuffed and things keep falling out!

Wow…wonderful job…a true “junk” journal to hold all of our “junk”!!!

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I have a lot of the fabric with different motifs on it. Clearance sale so I bought it all LOL The kids wanted me to do different signatures all neat and orderly but I was like mommy wants something random and colorful and different textures and colors.
The acetate gives me some of that ability to not loose smaller things but it just doesn’t like to stay closed! So I figured hmm I am sure I can make an envelope faster out of something I have on hand!

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Wow this is amazing.

It turned out brilliant! Glad it materialized :slight_smile:

It looks amazing. I love the Frida fabric and your envelopes look so neatly done. Very fun project. Best of luck figuring out a closure that you like.

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This is awesome! I love the embellished Frida fabric.

Turned out really pretty! This will be a real treasure to go through time after time.

I love it all but I ADORE the use of all the different baker’s twines to bind it. That added pop of coordinated colors! :heart_eyes:

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This is swoon worthy!