It's a Bear-y alcohol inked card

Using my Cricut, I cut out this bear shape then glued it on top of an alcohol inked paper to make this pretty card for @Cyn-energy for the Little Good Things swap. The idea came off her Pinterest! I actually cut 2 of the bears, so sent a second card to my aunt for her birthday!

I love this technique!



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This is super cute!! :bear:

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That’s so nice. Looks like fabric rather than paper.

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The colours and the effect is cool!

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I am always impressed with how you use inks and stamps. This bear is beautiful.

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The bear looks like he’s made of leaves. Looks great.

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So pretty!

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Oooh alcohol ink is so fun. This looks lovely- you chose great colors!

That is gorgeous - and I love how one of the blots of colour looks like his nose! (Or maybe that’s just me.)

You’re right; it does! And, thank you!

This is great! I don’t have a cricut cutter so I am always intrigued by what people make with them.

I’m still learning how to use mine.

This is adorable, love the combination of colours in the ink