January 9, 2020 - Welcome to the Dark Side (New Theme Available)

So maybe you live in this camp…

I love how light, bright, and modern the site is!

The white background makes it so easy for me to be on LC at work! :sunglasses:

I really enjoy the way the screen burns my eyeballs when I browse the site from my phone in bed! It’s like the sun is rising DIRECTLY in front of my face! :sunny:

Or maybe you live in this camp

I’m accessing the site from Commodore 64 in 1982 and this crazy ass bright white screen is making my boss give me evil side eyes like woah. :unamused:

Black is my favorite color.

I just like options. Options are my favorite! :elf:

Good news, camp #2! We now have a site theme option just for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How Do I Change Themes?

  1. Click your Profile picture located in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the settings gear icon.
  3. Click Interface.
  4. Choose your desired selection from the Theme dropdown.
  5. Click Save Changes, if you wish to apply your new selection.


Woah. Back the truck up. I just read all of that :arrow_up: and now I’m extremely confused. What is a “theme”!? :exploding_head:

Think of a theme like face paint. The core contents of the site remain exactly the same. A theme is just like a fun filter or painting you can apply over it.

Can I change back to the Light theme?

Of course. Follow the same process above.

What if my friends don’t want the same theme as me?

When you change your theme it does not affect any other user. The theme choice is a completely personal preference to your individual account.

Errrrmagosh, I love theme options. Can you make more?

Sure. Over time, I will probably create a handful of themes.

If you would like to suggest a new theme, please start a thread for it on Site Feedback If you have a very specific vision, please be sure to detail it in your thread. Also note, as much as I love options, please don’t just suggest a new theme because you like the color yellow. Or green. Let’s not get too crazy here. :grin:

Have fun!



@kittykill @racky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love that I can change it depending on my mood. :joy:


I love the dark theme! I stare at a computer screen all day so it’s nice to have the option to give my eyes even the tiniest of respites! Thank you!


But… green! :green_heart:

Yay theme choices! :grin:


When I switched to dark, it felt like my eyes took off a bra, put on pajamas and curled up with hot cocoa and a cat in an overstuffed chair. Ahhh, such comfort! Thank you!


I should rename it “Bra Off - Pajamas On - Hot Cocoa - Cat - Chair” theme. :smile: It’s catchy!


OMG, my dark little heart LOVES the new theme! Darkness forever!

Also, @calluna for the win. Girl, were we just hanging out in different parts of Craftster? I swear I missed out on sassy, funny-as-hell, calluna over there. Lovin’ it!


Ooh, very nice! I never realized how bright the white screen was until trying to sneak peeks of the site while putting my son down to sleep. There is no sneaking when the phone is acting like a handheld nightlight!


Do it!!! Light and dark is sooo yesterday!
I vote for bra on and bra off :wink:


Thank you! I like my screen black - like my coffee and my soul.


Why can’t I find this? Is it one of those things you have to earn? I feel so lost sometimes still over here, but I’m getting there!

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That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day

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I had to refresh the page before it showed up.

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That did it! Thank you!


Omg yes!!! I’m a dark theme fan!!!

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This makes my eyes so happy. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


:rofl: You can barely see the black heart emojis I just used.


Ahh perfect because I’m always checking something when I’m waiting to roll out of bed after my son falls asleep. :joy:

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I just clicked it onto “dark” and purred out loud, “Ohhh, my, that IS funnnnn…” lol