Joseph Hattersley 1790s mens costume

A commission for a 1790s event late this January at the wonderful Lungholm Estate at the southern tip of a Danish Island.

Nils was portraying a dandy younger man who did not lack in taste. Not a type of man he usually identifies with. Dandyism is a concept coined later than 1790 but you start to see the style develop already at this point. Nils needed jacket, vest and pantaloons and as I LOVE sewing mens wear from this era it was a joy to get to do more of it. All patterns were from Laughing Moon Mercantile who does great historic patterns based on extensive research. I highly recommend them - they have quite thorough sewing guides too for both historical accuracy and costumes.

Here Nils is looking broodily out on the dreary January weather.

Model: Nils Sjöstedt
Photo: Atropos Larp Studio, Carl Nordblom

A few very quick snaps of the costume before I sent it off to Nils:

Thin dark green wool jacket with golden metal buttons. Long cuffs, tail on the back with pockets in them and double breast. Semi lined.

Green, gold and white silk front vest with matching fabric covered buttons. On the back a lace closure for adjusting the fit.

Basic pantaloon trousers meaning they have been slimmed in the leg. Front closing incl. clap, two side pockets and grommets with lace for adjusting the back.

Luckily Nils was super happy with the result. Despite not looking his most cheerful on the picture he voiced how the costume helped him feel dapper as hell. Personally I’ve seen no man not looking amazing in this kind of clothes but I am happy he felt it too.



Wow, wow, wow … that is so impressive! Makes me think of movies I’ve seen set in that era and Nils would fit right in.

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I absolutely love a deep green was chosen for this. He does, indeed, look dapper!

I also checked out the FB page and it looks like he has a right to look concerned! “…historical horror-drama that takes place in England”.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful execution!


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Hehehe. Indeed it is. It starts really positive and then it just skews to be more and more eery as the old gentry lifestyle clash with the new.

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It looks SO INTRIGUING. and then I saw it was based in Sweden. Still intriguing, but a lot harder to crash.

The majority of LARPing in my area is a group who meets at the park, and does a lot of sword fighting. But they always look like their having gobs of fun. And they had a big turnout around the holidays. THIS, though, is on a completely different level.

I live 20mins from a historic area as well as a theme park. It’s not unusual to see someone in full period dress/costume at the 7-11, coffee shop, or Target. But it is kinda fun when friends visit and they’re like, ummm… #AreYouSeeingWhatI’mSeeing


You did an amazing job! Well, lots of amazing jobs!
I love how the clothes are true to the period and they look great on him.
You have great skills.

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There is something satisfying about sewing clothing from another period. It gives one great appreciation for the fabrics and details of the period and a sense of quality that most closing lacks today.

Fine choices of fabrics (the silk front vest is absolutely gorgeous!)…

You are quite the tailor…everything looks well made and the clever fitting adjustments like the lacing is something that should be considered today…hope to see more of your fine work!


beautifully done! I love laughing moon and am getting ready to make some cloaks for me and a few friends via their patterns.
Love that green!

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Oh, my dear…how I aspire to be like you. I sew Pre-1840 reproduction clothing for Mountain Man Rendezvous reenactors. That my skills would ever meet yours is a dream come true. You have done a marvelous job on this costume.

I will be checking out the patterns on Laughing Moon Mercantile, as I think there may be some resources there for me.

Rock on, seamstress! Rock on!


The first photo looks right out of a period piece! Dapper indeed. :slight_smile:

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this is fantastic

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Wow! I am blown away!

Wow! This is a delight to see!


This is amazing! Period costumes/clothing always amaze me - they seem so much more intricate than what we wear nowadays. You did a lovely job!


Wow, this is just fabulous!

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OH 1790. Dyscalculia for the win, I was wondering what 1970 outfit this was going to be. This is much better than I initially was thinking. :smile:


Oh wow…that’s awesome! I’m super impressed.

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Wow!! This is an incredible outfit! Gorgeous work!

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Great job, it’s all beautiful

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