Just Look At This Majestic Sonuva Cow! So smug

Finally finished this sumgun!


It was a free pattern from The Witchy Stitcher, based on a painting her mom picked up at a garage sale or thrift store. I was challenged by all the shades of brown (8), especially since I pretty much only stitch on the sofa at night while half-watching something. I’m pretty sure it will become a pillow cover which has become my favorite way to use/display a cross stitch.

Count size: 100 x 84. 14-count aida (dyed by me) finished size 7.14" x 6".

UPDATE: I finally made the pillow cover! It only 8-ish months later.


Looks like there might be a little pig in his ancestry.

Great stitching!

The look on that face, oh, lol, snort. That is fantastic!

This will make quite a statement piece!

I saw this on her website, she has some great patterns! You knocked this outta the park!

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That is majestic AF!

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Thanks everyone!