KATE Shaker Card

I just can’t stop making cards! This is for our niece (17) Kate who has a retreat coming up that welcomes sending her notes of encouragement.


I’m kind of obsessed with shaker cards lately and also glow in the dark stuff, so I kind of couldn’t help but pick up the GITD stars and then the rainbows at 50% off. :grimacing: There are also some large glitter and tiny silver beads in there.

The front is a night sky and the paper behind the letters blue sky with white clouds. I used Tim Holtz “Bulletin” letter dies which cuts the “holes” and the boarders. Other than the stars and rainbows, the rest is stash.


I have some GITD embossing powder, so I used it with this wee stamp to make up some wee tags. I attached on to the inside of this card with a goldtone brad that ties in with the outlines of the letters on the front. The brad is brighter than it appears in these pics.


And a little “made with LOVE” on the back where the company info would be on a store bought card.


That turned out really neat looking. I love the Glow effect. That’s the kind of card she will keep displayed for years and years.


I love the gold edging on the letters! The rainbows definitely add a fun pop of brightness to what is already a fun card that I’m sure will be well received. Who doesn’t love getting fun stuff in the mail!? (If you ever feel the need to make a card, but don’t have any recipients to send to, just message me and I’ll happily send you my address :wink:.)


So cool!

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This is so cool! I’m sure she’ll love it.

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They look great, you might not thank me for directing you to these, but they would be awesome on some of the cards you make.


Thank you, everyone! Y’all are so kind!

Love it! The gold around the letters really makes it pop.


What a gorgeous card!

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Kate’s gonna get the coolest mail around!

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Thanks, everyone!

I almost went with silver or some kind of rainbow glitter paper and I am so glad that I chose gold. A little more “adult” and also, gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow works with the scatter bits!


This card is so great! I also am a big fan of rainbows and GITD stuff so it’s right up my alley. I love that the card can become a little work of art after she receives it.


It’s beautiful!

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Thanks, pals!

So much wow! glow in the dark, and rainbows, and gold framed letters, and constellations.
I bet half the people in the retreat might suddenly decide their name is Kate :smile:

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Love the connect-the-dot stars!

I really liked that they included constellations, too!

Shaker cards are THE best. What a special card. I bet she was elated to receive it. :heart_eyes:

What a gorgeous card! I’m obsessed with the gold letter cutouts.

Aw, thanks y’all!