Slimline THANKS! Shaker Card

I have reason to send another thank you note, so I made one similar to this card I made a few weeks back.


This one also has rainbows and GITD stars, but also some pink and red hearts.


The back as a couple of stamps so they know that this was made especially for them.



Your cards are always top-notch! This one is no exception!!

Very nice! I love the detail!

Love the bright colors against the b/w check…very modern! Beautiful detailed work as always!

It’'s always nice when someone says Thank You in a way you know they mean it.

Thanks, friends! This is going to the Clerk of Courts office at our county courthouse where we got hitched last week. They were hands-down AMAZING for the whole thing. I bet they hardly ever get appreciation after the fact and probably often face grumpy people for other business. I realized as I was making this that our day would have had a totally different vibe if they were cranky or irritated or even just stoic.


Wait…what? You got hitched? Congrats! Wow…

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So cute, such a nice thanks.
& yay, you did it! Officially official! Congrats :blush:

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Thanks, you two!

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How awesome you got this experience!! I have no doubt they will appreciate this wonderful card!

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I do hope they feel appreciated and it brightens their day. I also hope that whomever opens it (likely the head of dept) is the kind of person/boss who shares this kind of thing.

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