Kati's Wedding Set

How about another wedding set? I do love weddings, but it’s been rough with the pandemic going around. This bride had to push her formal wedding ceremony back to next year because of COVID 19. She wanted a fresh set for when the sign the official documents this summer so that her original set can be special to her big day. :slight_smile:

This set is very similar to the one I made for my friend Virginia who is (hopefully!) getting married this fall, and features two toned silk wisteria and resin spider lilies in purple instead of white. She also requested purple cherry blossom single pins in different shades. I ended up making another purple dye lot. I thought I was finally getting away from purple, but I seem to keep getting dragged back into it. XD

I’m pleased with how this set turned out, but I’m relieved to be working on projects that have blue, orange, and pink this week instead of more purple!


So pretty!!!

Gorgeous, so much detail

Beautiful! Imagining how lovely they must look on the bride…

Lovely set!

So beautiful. I really like the colors.

Absolutely lovely.