Kauai 2024 Scrapbook (Actual)

I have already made and posted a couple of components for this scrapbook, which I consider separate projects, but here is the scrapbook proper! I’m excited as it was the quickest I’ve completed a travel scrapbook after arriving home and it’s quite a bit different than my others - leaning more on photos and less on actual scraps.

I made a shell-shaped template and scanned it in order to cut pages to fit the case I made before our trip. There’s a cover and each day of the trip had a two-page spread, stamped with the date that I could fill.

I find that I don’t take a lot of pictures when I’m spending time with dear ones… it’s kind of a bummer, but I think it speaks to how we’re just enjoying each others’ company and in the moment which is a win in my book. That said, sometimes I had more photos than can fit, so I used washi tape hinges to make a few two-sided “frames” on a few pages.

I wasn’t able or willing, tbh, to work much on this while on our family vacation, so I did make sure to jot notes about what I did each day.

Our activities didn’t lend themselves to being able to collect a lot of ephemera, which I normally do, so it turned out well that my pages were small in size.

I was also helped by always intending to use die cut “frames” and also gave me the opportunity to use various stamps from my stash.

I ended up using the “filmstrip” die cuts to frame images taken from airplane windows. On this trip the air travel played a bigger role as there were some issues both coming and going. D’oh!

I had preprinted these daily sense memory pages and filled them out each day with the intention of having them included in each spread, but I didn’t like the way they interrupted my layout, so I added them at the end.

The whole the case, on top of the Kauai Sands Jar I made.


Great memory book!

We honeymooned on Kauai, but the amazing thing is that travel memories are so personal, your book didn’t remind me of our trip at all! It does make me want to visit again, though.


Love all the details. :blush:

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It came out beautiful! I love all the details and overall effect.

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I think you captured just enough to spark memories…because you rightly spent your time making the memories with your family and not worrying about recording everything! Being in the moment counts a lot!

I love how you made notes and how you selected the things that made the trip memorable, good and bad! lol puffy ankles…yep, long airplane trip for sure!

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I love this so much! It’s just the right amount of photo/text ratio to capture the essence of your trip. I can tell you had a wonderful time!!

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Awww, thank you so much everyone! I like it, but I also know it’s not necessarily anything like what the whole scrapbooking community/business thinks of as capital-S Scrapbooking, so it’s extra nice to hear compliments from my crafty community!


Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your little memory scrapbook will be quite the conversation starter when people visit.

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What an amazing little book! I always feel overwhelmed by the idea of a travel scrapbook, but you make it feel simple and easy.

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Thanks, pals!

@MistressJennie I thought that the tiny page size might be a hindrance, but I think it actually make this one possible! Especially as I hardly collected any ephemera.


I think this little beauty is perfect in every way. The pics, the layouts, even the small amount of ephemera is just right!

Looks like you flew my airline and I seem to recall you mentioning a rocky start to your trip. I’m super sorry about that but so glad that you clearly had a wonderful time with special people!

Awwww, thank you!

We had a rocky start and a much rockier ending, but none of it dangerous or scary - just in convenient and frustrating. In terms of hurtling through the sky over a gigantic ocean in a tin can, pretty harmless.

I sure miss that cute little 5-hour flight from PDX to HNL!

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