Kauai Sands Scrapbook Enclosure

I didn’t collect sand from the beaches we visited on Kauai a couple weeks ago, but I did empty the sand out of my beach bag into this wee jar!

I die cut tags from a brochure map and marked them with the dates. To make them sturdier I cut more tags to back them with out of beachy cardstock.


I die cut a circle from a graphic waves printed cardstock for the top. Before attaching, I heat embossed a map pin stamp in gold. The lid is glued on.

It will sit under the book part of my scrapbook inside the Clamshell Scrapbook Cover I made before the trip. I’m not quite done with the book. :wink:


A great start to what is going to be an epic scrapbook.

Aw, thanks!

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Such a cool keepsake!


Great way to remember a trip! Those tags are so tiny!

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I love how you didn’t collect sand, and yet still collected sand! Perfect use of a “found item”.

Aw, thank you! It felt like a better ethical choice to just use the sand that found it’s way back to the condo. :wink:

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Super cool! Love all the little touches you added that make this more than just a jar of sand. :heart:

Well, thank you! I need such things so that in 7 months, I’m not all like, “now what is this jar of sand about?”