Key Lime Cupcakes

Next up on my summer of cupcake tour is Key Lime Pie cupcakes!

The recipe I had pinned to use called for ingredients like key lime cake mix that I knew I would not be able to find in my area, so I kept searching. When I came across this recipe for key lime frosting, I read where when she makes her cupcakes, she used a white box mix and substitutes lime juice for water. Well, I decided to go back to our so far favorite basic vanilla cupcake recipe we first used when we made the Boston Cream Pie cupcakes and decided to just try to substitute the vanilla for lime juice. It worked!

This is super yummy!!! The frosting color I made with 1 tsp Wilton Kelly green and 3 drops of Sunny Side Up Bakery (found at Hobby Lobby) Lemon Yellow.

I sprinkled some lime zest and crushed graham cracker on top.

Again…if you love key lime, this is for you!! Such a treat! (Even if the lime part isn’t technically key lime.)

*Disclaimer: I’m not sure if I should continue on the cupcake tour. Last time, we had to stop mid-making to rush our dog to the vet and ended up saying goodbye only a few days later. This time, we were just about to start creaming the butter and sugar when our mixer stopped working and we had to rush out for a new mixer. *

Disclaimer #2: Who am I kidding. There are still a few more weeks in the summer, so third time’s the charm, right??


You’re a cupcake-making machine! Those look really yummy, and I love the idea of the graham cracker on top for a bit of crunch.

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Mmmmm… key lime cupcakes sound SO GOOD! Unfortunately I’ve had to go gluten free… maybe I can find a gluten free cake recipe and put a drop or two of lime oil in the batter…:thinking:

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They sound delicious and hopefully no unexpected trips next time.

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These look great!

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Wow! You have been on a roll! Yummy!

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