Kinetic Non-Swap (Craftalong)

I love your Pegasus! You have great ideas. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

My puppet will be a small dragon. It’ll have inner mechanisms, but they won’t be motorized. I don’t like the noise of servo motors.



Here’s my Cross-Along Mermaid, fitting together the Stitchalong’s January-Let’s Go On a Trip! Theme with the Kinetic Non-Swap Craftalong.

When I was a kid, I saw a TV program about mermaids in Florida. I pretty much forgot about it for decades, then saw an article a few years ago, and learned they’re still doing the show at Weekie Wachee.

We planned to spend winter of 2018 in Myrtle Beach, SC, and visit Florida then, but it got hit by two hurricanes, so we changed plans. Then we were going to go last spring, but Covid.
Some day we’ll get there!

I designed the piece in Tinkercad and 3d printed it, then sequined and embroidered felt to glue to the body. She swims when you move the tasseled stick back and forth.

And she has a loop at the top to hang on next year’s Christmas tree. The mermaid is 5-1/2" long.

Here’s the inside. A short rod attached around mid thigh (if she had thighs) passes through a hole in the box, and the high tech popsicle stick is glued to it, then sticks out the slot at the bottom. Elastic jewelry cord is attached at chest and lower tail, to keep her flat. Ignore that grey box and text at the bottom.


Cool! I like how you figured out to make her wiggle!

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She’s so clever! I like the simple, yet effective movement.

I will have to check out this show.

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Search YouTube for Weeki Wachee.

How did I miss this project? Ack!

Wow! It’s impressive!

In a blatant attempt at extra credit points, I have a second entry!
video in motion:

Mt. Catsmore

The mechanism that rotates the heads and sets the tails swinging:

Designed in Tinkercad, 3d printed, and joined with jump rings and head pins.
I’m getting the hang of moving toys! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Next project; figure out how to make and upload video.

More pix at Mt. Catsmore


This is such a cool project! It’s so clever and I just love those cat faces you’ve made!

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The little kitty tails hanging down! Hahaha! That is so clever!!

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That is awesome!!! I’ve been ill (not COVID), and haven’t finished my project. But I was looking at it earlier today, and I’m going to try to finish it by tomorrow.

Anyone else still working?

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I’m hoping to assemble at least one model from my kit this week. And, for a STEM/STEAM project in 2 weeks, my students will have to design and build a kinetic model of some sort. It can be anything, as long as it moves. Then, I might introduce more formal mechanisms.

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Hey, that’s cool! Can’t wait to learn more about your project, and about what your students make.

I put together the Pegasus automaton kit I bought a few weeks ago.

I still might paint and decorate it… or maybe not. We’ll see.

It was faster to put together that I thought (although the diagram had one error that threw me off for a while). About 1.5 hours, taking my time and not hurrying.

If you want to see it in action, I’ve included a link below. (I have no affiliation with this company.)


It’s so much bigger than I expected it to be! I’m surprised you finished it so quickly. It’s awesome. Thanks for the link. It moves beautifully.

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I’m hoping that they come up with some creative projects!

And, that Pegasus is amazing. It’s so cool how they make such an elegant model with a relatively simple mechanism. That’s for posting the link to how it moves!

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Just realized I have had this book for awhile & never shared! It is good. Intelligent instructions, good diagrams & labeling, and teaches you about the machinery involved.


This book is a dream!

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Yeah, it looks awesome!

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I googled that book and found some PDFs, looks like they are FREE!!!


That’s cool that they offer free PDFs!