Kinetic Non-Swap (Craftalong)

My favorite flip book so far is called How to Forge a Sword. He gave it away and I’m kicking myself for not filming it. The person hammers a piece of metal, it flips into the air, hits a forge that is above and off the page, flames form from the forge, and a sword falls from the sky. It was so cool!


That sounds awesome!

Maybe you can borrow it back to film it because it sounds pretty amazing.

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Aw, those are awesome! Very cool and creative. You should definitely try to get a video of the sword one!

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Those are great! …I made a (smaller & less ambitious) flip book at a similar age that had a wolf eating a lemming. (I think it was for a school project about the arctic.)


I’ve got

that I bought about 20 years ago; price has gone up since then. (On Amazon, at least; it appears to still be priced at £9.99 on the website).

It explains levers and gears and cams and such to use in automata.

A related website offers tips and a gallery.


Oh, my goodness. A wolf eating a lemming sounds so cool!

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Has anyone started yet? I’ve been percolating some ideas… plan to work on it this weekend!

I have something brewing!!


My projects are going to be rather long-term, as they involve other crafting too. But I hope to start one this weekend!

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This is the book & kit I have to get me started. I picked it up on clearance at Barnes & Noble ages ago.

I haven’t even opened it! I keep meaning to take it into school so I can scan the templates in case I want to use it in my technology/engineering class (if I get to go back to using my own curriculum instead of a canned one).


I have an idea that could turn into a multi-media, many piece, long-term extravaganza!
I just need to figure out the movement…

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This is SO COOL!! Is it only one machine, or several?

My goal is to make mine only using stash. And I want a moving background (inspired by wolfcats’ work). So I’ve been rolling it around in my head, and the solution was so obvious, it’s borderline silly. So hopefully I can get a prototype going this weekend.

Also, @Nou!! You might like this thread!


I think it makes 8 “moving objects.” But, one is a popup frog, so it doesn’t count as a machine, in my mind.

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I’m picturing a series (hopefully one a month for the year) of small pieces that represent favorite places and things, include prompts from various craftalongs here on LC, are made from a variety of materials (probably from stash, 'cause that’s my m.o.), and are sized to use as christmas ornaments.

I’m not very comfortable with woodworking or papercrafting, but have a 3D printer to create gears and mechanisms. I have supplies for sewing, needle felting, embroidery, paper clay, papier mâché, beading, jewelry, painting, wirework, resin, and probably more I can’t think of.

I have a plan that works for the January stitchalong theme of “Let’s Go on a Trip,” and am researching mechanisms to bring it to life.

Go big or go home!


Well, this sounds wonderful! I was just thinking paper, wire, and wood scraps. But…I might be able to incorporate fabric!

I love you are pairing it with the stitchalong! Mine was also inspired by the newly joined Destash group, so samesies!!

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Look what arrived today! Yes, it’s a kit and it’s flimsy as anything but I wanted to see the components before making my own out of better materials.
The moving bits are just the sparklies that tumble around at the end but I’m sure there are ways to make a more complex kaleidoscope. (Ooh, like this!)

ETA this link to a very simple kaleidoscope, those steps would be very similar for a fancier machine.


And so, of course, I had to order a kaleidoscope kit…

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I love kits.