Kitchen cupboard paint

Well I am totally cream crackered tonight. I finally decided to put my house on the market last week and there is a lot of painting to be done.

Our house is full of art, colour, books, craft stuff, clutter- exactly wrong for photos and for selling.

First task completed. We painted the kitchen cupboards grey. This photo is weird because it looks like a different grey on the top ones. But it’s all the same. This is it carefully staged with some vintage kitchen stuff, to take pix. It didn’t stay pristine for long. I actually thought I’d hate the grey, but it looks pretty good.

This is the before

Edit: we finished it today! One room done!


Honestly I love the old colour more, but with the new colour and the decluttering it looks really fancy! I would totally buy your house - I want an old house with a big kitchen and a window above the sink.

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Wow! Amazing transformation!

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The new color gives the kitchen a very ‘country chic’ vibe which I know is popular with buyers today. (Though like Immaculata, I liked the old color too. ‘Free-spirit’ kitchen is definitely more my style than ‘chic’ :wink:)


Woah. You have accomplished so much, so fast! And I love the grey.

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Your kitchen is so cute!

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Wow! That’s a huge decision, putting your house up, and you’ve already done amazing work- the staged photos look beautiful!

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I totally prefer the old colour, but it’s necessary to make things more like a blank canvas so people can imagine themselves in the space. Fingers crossed it’ll help sell!!


Your kitchen make over looks spectacular. It looks like a cottage that faeries would visit. And can we talk about that chandelier?!


So cute!!! <3

What a lovely space!! I could live there! :heart:

That chandelier is one of my favourite things. I shipped it from Australia, from when I lived there. It’s candles rather than electricity. But it’s so cute. And so dusty right now, but we won’t pretend that anyone ever noticed that.

Better view of the chandelier in the photos I added today


I can’t believe that’s the same kitchen! If your whole house will be staged like this it I’m sure it will sell in no time.

I really hope so. If I can get it sold them I can get finance for the house I want to buy. Which is a real fixer upper.

The only problem with staging is that we will have to live in it. So I’m packing a lot of stuff away.


Is the chandelier moving with you? I would have a hard time giving that puppy up. :slight_smile:

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Both versions are lovely. The new version looks so warm and welcoming. Perfect for real estate pictures. Without even knowing this is your kitchen, the old version tells me it belongs to someone who truly celebrates and savors life. :purple_heart::blue_heart:

The old kitchen is so very YOU my dear, but your work fixing it up to sell looks pretty great too. I usually don’t care for all the grey that’s on trend right now, but the warmth of the tiles and wood floor, the wood counters, and the gold mirror really make it feel so warm and welcoming. I’d move in, in a heartbeat.

P.S. I have to ask. Jim & I were watching a movie shot in Ireland the other night, and we noticed that films & tv shows in Europe seem to always have the washing machine in the kitchen, rather than a laundry room or closet. Why is that? Our guess was that buildings are older, and there was already a water line in the kitchen.

I think in Europe they are usually in the kitchen or bathroom for the simple reason that homes are smaller and most people don’t have a seperate laundry/utility room.

Not sure about Ireland but in my country having a washing machine in the kitchen is considered to be a bit common. Having a utility room is a bit of a status symbol. If there’s no utility room, some people prefer to put it in the bathroom instead. I think that’s indeed because that’s the other place in the house with a water line. Ours is in the kitchen too and I think that’s way more convenient than having it upstairs. Next to the back door so you don’t have to carry wet laundry very far.

Interesting question. As @Immaculata says it’s because our houses are generally a lot smaller and we don’t have laundry rooms. Also our machines are all front loading and smaller than the top loading machines that you guys have, so they fit under the countertop. Newer, larger houses have utility rooms that will have extra kitchen storage, and also washing machines.

Unlike you @Immaculata we never have washing machines in the bathroom. I’ve never seen a house like that here.

Funny these cultural differences.

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Thank you for that, that’s a really sweet compliment x