Kitchen swap gallery

I love the texture, too! What stitch is it, @geekgirl?


Oooo things I didn’t even know I needed! I might need to make some of these


those are awesome!! guess which one i love best? the green one, of course!!


look what @Kwality570 sent me!! (i also cannot believe how quickly this got here!!)

check out this most fantastic trivet (you are right, the blue is a good complement!!) - that she dyed!!! and the dishcloth that’s as black as my soul!! i really should try to get a better pic or the stitch pattern on that…its so pretty!! i dont know if you can see it that well.

so yes!!! thank you for the great package and i will not be putting that trivet out unless there is something on it, otherwise i am sure that wicked cat will think its hers. and its mine. not hers.



That trivet is GORGEOUS! Yarn colors are so pretty! And I had to laugh about the dishcloth comment. Great swap package!

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I definitely plan on making some for myself. Using bits of left over yarn.

It’s called a crunch stitch. It’s a half double crochet, slip stitch alternated all the way across.

Pretty much using this method but using hdc, slip, etc instead of sc, dc, etc.


I got my package from @endymion !

Beeswax wraps. With a cute selection of fabric! A cute notecard and some cool buttons.

And these gorgeous napkins! I love this fabric.

Thanks @endymion


Such pretty yarn!

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so pretty!!! and the beeswax wraps are something that have been on My List of things to do for ages…


Those napkins are beautiful!

Do the wraps hold their shape in the fridge? I still have a large block of beeswax and have always wanted to make some.

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Well… the wraps were actually a fail! I used the wrong type of beeswax. The natural beeswax in a big block should work, I think. The YouTube video I was following said to melt the wax, paint the wax on, and then place other (unwaxed) fabric pieces wraps above and below. Sandwich the whole thing between 2 sheets of parchment paper, then iron (no steam). I sent some ties along, so she could secure them better.


what a great project, @geekgirl ! these are lovely & so functional

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@Kwality570 these are both fantastic!
and @endymion – lovely napkins! I have been wanting to try those beeswax wraps


Ooh! I’m just getting to the gallery to do some posting and I just saw the other packages here.

A few comments before I post my amazing discloths:

Those swiffer covers look amazing, @geekgirl Like they’d really pick up the crumbs! Much better than the stupid disposable ones.

@endymion Those beeswax wraps look awesome and those fabric napkins are to die for. The fabrics you chose are great.

I received these two awesome discloths from @mel. The texture is amazing! One is brown and red and the other is multi-colored. Both will work out great in my kitchen.

And the amazing texture close up on the multicolor one:

Thank you so much for putting together such a fun swap, Mel!


Oooh, I love the stitch pattern on that multicolor one, @mel!

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yay!! that was FAST for canada post!!

glad you like them. the multi coloured one is one my favourite patterns - ballband dishcloth and the other one is from kitchen kaleidescope, but is also available free - woven polka dots.


@annchen sent me the coolest tawashis(with instructions on how to use them!!) and most fantastic fBomb dishcloth!!

closer pic of the F:

unrolled tawashi:

i LOVE it!! thank you for the great package!!! i love the texture of the tawashis and will def have to hide it from the husbeast or he might try to wash something he shouldnt with it. ha.

i am also tempted to put those dog stamps on the wall next to my cat’s food dish. just so she can have something to look at beyond some random pages from last year’s page-a-day calendar i thought she’d find interesting…

now i will continue to wait “patiently” for my package to get there!!

*ETA - i did not stress this enough @Annchen - THANK YOU!!! thank you thank you thank YOU!!


Very cool! What is a tawashi??

tawashi is a japanese style of scrubby…according to the googles its a brush, but there are a bunch of knit and crochet patterns floating around that are fun to make and use.

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