Kitten Lap Quilt Number Two

I love a quick project. I stitched together a quick lap quilt for our foster kittens, it doubles as a protective lap quilt and a nice snuggly place to nap for our foster kittens.

This is the last of the flannel layer cake I bought on impulse. One human-sized lap quilt and two kitten-sized lap quilts and only one 1/2 square left. Both the kitten quilts were made completely from stash.

This one has a pre-quilted backing (bright red!) that is pieced together. Why oh why do you never have the right-sized scrap? And a fun star pattern for the quilting.

This is truer to color


That star quilting is so fun! Also…kittens! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Great quilt! Such happy colors. And then BAM lanky whiskery tuxedo kittens!!! Squee! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I like the muted colors of the quilt. The kittens are absolutely adorable too. Fingers crossed they find an amazing home.

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Open the topic; notice the nice photo; read along and appreciate the fostering/materials use/love the quilting; continue scrolling, such pretty colors; KITTENS!!!

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Colorful little quilt! Love the star stitching. And… I want a kitten!!! :weary:

Cute kitties and cuter quilt!

I love the colors, but those little curious kittens make me scream!