Kitty Caddy - A Quilting Companion for my MIL - Kwik Sew 4274


When I spotted the pattern for this little kitty, I knew I had to make it for my MIL who loves cats and has taken up quilting since she retired a few years ago. Her birthday is coming up and she’s always always very appreciative of handmade gifts!



There’s an attached mouse pin cushion on the head, 4 pockets across the body, a ribbon flower & flange along the tail for clips. Of course, the whole body could be used for a pin cushion!


The base is weighted with “doll beads” and has a piece of cardboard for stability. THe base is definitely more smoothly oval in person than in the photo. Also the whole body is interfaced.


I was able to utilize stash for the stuffing, beads, cardboard, thread, floss, beads, buttons, collar ribbon, bell, felt. I bought the leopard print fabric since I didn’t find anything suitable in my stash and the flower ribbon. Also the notions.

Two things were not in the pattern: the collar which I added to disguise the wrinkling of the neck and the pink button under the tail which was TheMisterT’s idea. :grimacing: :laughing: He was saying “oh you should add a little pink…” and I finished his sentence with “b*tthole.” I mean, if you have had and love cats you know how much cats like to show you their anus. :cat: :expressionless:

Photo blurred for humor, not for truly graphic content. Just like opinions, 'most everyone’s got one!

I do wish my photos were a bit better, but I couldn’t get out the photo box for this today and was hoping for a bit brighter sunshine to bounce of the snow. At least I was able to shoot outside this morning! Someday I hope to have either a permanent place for photographing or a quicker set up/take down situation.

EDIT: Photo of pattern



how cool. I want one! I love kitties, and I love leopard prints.

I even already have leopard print fleece, plenty of ribbons…
but of course I’d have to customize it to hold all my sewing stuff; shears, seam rippers, screwdrivers for the machine.
Hmmm. I recently 3D printed a caddy for much of this stuff, but the cat (catty) is cuter. Maybe I could majigger a cat body around the 3D print, for the best of both worlds.

Thanks for the cute pix, and the interesting ideas they prompted!


So adorable and practical! I love all the details…ha ha…what a fantastic idea to flange the tail to hold those clips!


This is such a cool gift!! Useful and fun! Love the TMT touches.


Super cute! Love how multi-functional it is. She will love it!


Oh wow, i didn’t even see the pockets at first look! This is great! I love the flower for clips - so easy to put one on one-handed. Perfect! All around, a great usable tool. And cute and made me laugh (button!) and say awww (mousey!). :grin:


Thanks, everyone! Admittedly TheMisterT doesn’t fully “get it,” but I know his mom is going to be super tickled with it.

@steiconi If they have covers for their sharp parts seam rippers and small scissors could totally go into the pockets. The cover photo for the pattern shows a tape measure as well.

@AIMR I agree about that flange! And since the body is lined with felt, it’s got some bulk.

@endymion I think the pattern designer did some clever work making it do several things and still look like a cat!

@Abbeeroad I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think of the pink button myself!

@Camelama I’m glad the flower turned out so cute, because it was a pain in the pink button! It’s made from 30 3" strips of ribbon.


This is so cool! Beautiful details at every turn. She’s going to love it.


Oh! I finally got the “flange”. Nifty!!


Hilariously adorable :laughing:
And the mouse! :mouse:


This is the most fantastic and useful gift! Well done!


Thanks so much, friends!


I think this is going to be added to the LC lexicon, like “thinging the thing”

So well done and much more useful than most cats in the craft room!


Thank you! I just hope her cats don’t decide any part of it should be chewed or wrestled!

Bahahahahaaaaa! Nothing would make me prouder!


This is amazing. I laughed so hard at the pink button. Yes, kitties are quite proud of their ponk buttons.
I love how functional this is. Your MIL is going to be thrilled!


Adorable! I love the little mouse pincushion.


Thanks, everyone!

I added a pic of the pattern envelope to the main thread for reference.

What an awesome gift! She’s going to love it!!

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The butt is hilarious. Super cute kitty! I’d the fabric soft? It looks like it’s pettable.

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Thanks so much, pals!

@irid3sc3nt It’s just quilting cotton, so not soft. BUT easy to work with!