Knooked Hat - Wait, you can knit with a crochet hook?!?!

I’m a hooker. Quite a happy hooker. I love to crochet, and am pretty good at it. But being multi-craftual, I have also attempted knitting several times. Problem is, I just didn’t like doing it. At all. I found it annoying and frustrating. Then the lovely @AIMR offered up a Knooking Kit in the Use It or Lose it! thread. Knitting with a crochet hook? Well, perhaps I would enjoy knitting more if I could hook it!

Just for clarification, Knooking is NOT Tunisian crochet, and it is not just crochet meant to mimic the look of knitting. It IS actually knit and purl stitches, created with a hook instead of needles. I tried working from the Leisure Arts book on knooking that came with the kit, and had a lot of trouble with it. The knit stitch worked fine, but the purl just didn’t come our right. After a lot of searching for alternate sources on the net, all of which gave conflicting directions, I just picked one that worked best for me, and went for it. Since I didn’t have much emotional investment in creating a test swatch, I soon moved on to making a basic hat. It came out too big for me, but it is in fact, a knitted hat, made with a crochet hook, so I call it a win!

The hooks and cords that came with the Knooking kit did work fantastically, and I’m looking forward to growing my skills with some new patterns soon. But first, I need to return to my first love, crochet, to make myself a new winter hat and cowl, to go with my new winter coat, now that I live in a place that has actual winter again.


Good for you for sticking with it - this turned out beautifully! (Too big or not.)


Wow—if you hadn’t said it was not knitting, no one would even know! It is even better than some of the knit hats I actually do knit! Great job with tension and even stitching!

You sure stuck it out…I know it is a lot slower than crochet, which you do well. If you enjoy doing it, great, but there are plenty of crochet goods to be made as well…

I am sure someone in your new area would love that hat if you decide to donate it or gift it.

I am liking the new crochet one you are doing for yourself as well!

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Awesome job at perseverance and picking up a new skill! The hat looks great, if too big. Maybe Jim can wear it?

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Great job of persevering to complete the project! It looks great; amazing that you can really knit with a crochet hook. (Doesn’t sound like it was any easier than knitting with knitting needles, though!)

I, too, am a happy hooker and really just don’t like knitting. I am going to try continental, but maybe I will give knooking a miss!

It does look great though, so well done for persevering and wanting to try more!

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It’s a lovely hat! And good for you for sticking it out with something new-ish! I can’t wait to see your new winter ensemble however you make it!

Well done!

I can knit with a loom and sort of knit with needles. I hope to learn crochet before I die.

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This is amazing!! Way to persevere and have something awesome to show for it!

I am definitely the opposite - I cannot find my way out of a paper bag with a crochet hook, but knitting “clicks.” Good thing there are so many different types crafting adventures out there!


I can’t do anything with yarn so knit, crochet, knooking, it all impresses me! I think the hat looks great. I like mine a bit loose so it would be perfect. Lovely colors too.

The stitches look great!

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You beat the knook! Great job, looks perfectly made.

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Gorgeous! I’m sure that will keep your head nice and toasty this winter. :slight_smile:

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:balloon: :balloon:Congratulations! This awesome project is featured this week! :balloon: :balloon: