Krampus Paper Doll

After being so tickled with how Belsnickel turned out, I went back to pick up the Krampus doll while it was still available. The original artist is Erika Karl.

He has more pieces and is more posable. FUN! His back is complete with palms and everything!

I used some gloss glaze stuff on his tongue, earring, bell, and claws.

I tried to get a shot of Krampus and Belsnickel having a holiday hug, but it looks a lot more like a one-sided tickle fight… with tongue. Belsnickel is not amused!


Ha! Nothing beats a holiday tickle fight. These are both so cool!

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Devilishly cool!

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Super cool! I like the glazed details.

Thank you!

These are so awesome!

Very cool! Your holiday tickle fight is pretty hysterical, I must say!

Maybe I can initiate a new holiday tradition of all the Christmas “bad guys” having a big tickle fight!

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Sounds like fun! That might make a great movie, actually…, not the tickle fight part so much but a big old holiday throw down, winner take all….LOL! Actually, that needs to be a short story in an anthology somewhere……

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