Krampus-y Cross Stitched Throw Pillow

I picked up this pattern (from the Witchy Stitcher) a few months ago as part of a fundraiser and finally stitched it up! I modified the floss colors to suit black aida and what I had already in my stash, but did pick up the silvery color for the letters.

The eyes have one X each in metallic gold, so I was pretty excited when I rediscovered this black with gold “studs” fabric that I used for a tree skirt last year to back it with.

It was a pain in the tuckus AND really messy, but for some reason I felt like it had to be faux fur on the front. I might’ve done the back in faux fur, too, if I’d had enough of it. Other than the one floss color everything, including the pillow form, were from stash. Even the zipper… which is why it’s navy blue! :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

UPDATE: Action Shot!!!


Oh. Man. This is epic. And the faux fur is so entirely suitable. Cracking up over here!

This is epic!! I feel like that should stay out all year 'round!

Thanks, pals!

Love this! Just the perfect combination of stash!

This is amazingly awesome!!

Absolutely EPIC my friend!

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Thanks everyone!

I added this action shot to the OP.


Everything about this is absolutely amazing. This is the coolest thing I have seen all season.

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I love it!!! Great choice to stitch it on black aida and the faux fur was definitely worth the hassle.

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Dude-this is so rad.

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Thanks so much!

LOVE! I need to remember to list “Krampus” as my theme for Yuletime (heck, any time) LOL!!