Kwality Monster Pouch

I made this little pouch for @marionberries in the Monster Swap! I did a scrappy background before putting on the monster. I used Steam N Seam and then stitched the heck out of the outsides. :slight_smile:

Close up of the monster:

The back is genuine monster hide:

This is part of Monster Jam 2024

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Too cute.


The cutest pouch! I love the adorablr monster and the backing fabric is too perfect.

This is the cutest, ack! Everything down to that tassel is the beest’s knees!

Soooo cute!

So sweet!

I love the way you translate your monsters to any medium. Fabric! Amazing! It’s so awesomely you.

Ack! What a cutie!

A fabric monster! So lovable! You did a great job keeping the fabric monster β€œon brand” with your others.

Super cute! That little toothy grin! Squeal! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: