Monster Jam MARCHes on - 2024!

Back again for all your monstery delights!!!

Join the Monster Jam Monsteralong this March 2024!

This round will be similar to our past rounds. You can join at any time. You can post every day, or only once - it’s all up to you.

This month-long monster craftalong is for monsters of all types/kinds. Whether you like movie monsters, cute monsters, scary monsters, little monsters, big monsters, sewn monsters, crocheted monsters, painted monsters, monster ATCs, etc. this is the place to show them off.

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Anyone who creates a monster related post and mentions it here in this craftalong during the month of March 2024 is eligible to win a prize. Details for prize coming soon!

And new this year Drum Roll Please! Those who participate will get the MONSTER JAM BADGE!

Two simple rules to get your Monster Jam badge and an entry into the prize drawing:

  1. Create a post for your project with the LC category boards.
  2. Post that same project within this Monster Jam thread and link it back to the individual thread.


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Post in Monster Jam 2024 and earn a chance to win this lovely prize package donated by myself and @gozer!
Two monster coasters, a monster standee, a stuffy monster, a monster magnet, and a monster coloring zine!!!


Here is my first submission for Monster Jam. It was made for the Monster Swap and I was so happy with how cute it turned out. Its a Monster Tote for @jeanneleigh

Let’s see what everyone else made!!!


And here are the monsters I made for @gozer !

Planning to make more monsters soon!


@jeanneleigh - I absolutely love my notebook! That was such a cool idea. And your drawings are amazing. You have all my favorites on there - Bride of Frankenstein, Mothman, Yet, Bigfoot, and the JerseyDevil! And I have to point out that your handwriting is AMAZING, even in the card. Wow.

Don’t forget to make a post in the main threads and link it back for a chance to win a prize pack and get your Monster Badge! Pics of the prizes coming soon!


That tote is perfection! And I love everything about that notebook!

My first submission is this tentacled “terror”:


And here are the lovely little monster stuffies made for the monster swap. They are so excited to be here!


I love those adorable monsters!

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I’ve been waiting for the Monster Jam to post my projects!

Here’s my monster magnets.

Monster notecards

And a monster in the wild 4x6 art piece in watercolor


Love them! The toe nail on the snorkle creature are magnificent. Such a great little added touch.


These are all so great! I gotta say I love that little demon.


Snorkle creature :rofl:. That’s my new favorite description!

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Thanks! I love his wonky eyes and silly face.


I created this little monster from a kit I got from Amazon. I don’t normally make kits, but I thought this one was so cute that it was worth a try!
Little Monster Purse Kit



Monster purse, you can now take the little critter anywhere!

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That is so cute! What a fun project.

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Here is my addition to all these cute monsters. I did this mug rug monster for the monster swap.