Lacto-Fermented Jalepenos

A lady local to me was after a trade of some long life milk for produce for her garden (to avoid going to the shops at this time). I was able to help her out and she gave me some jalepenos.

For the first time every I’ve tried this technique - lacto-fermentation. It was SO easy :slight_smile:

I followed this online tutorial

Here are some pics of my jalepenos…can’t wait to try them!


I’ve never heard of lacto fermenting so had to read about it. That’s a long time to wait :smiley:

We use a 10 minute pickled jalapeño recipe for ours.

I’m hoping there will be lots of good things for our guts in the long process :slight_smile: I also like the fact that there’s no sugar in the recipe :innocent:

Would you mind sharing your 10 minute pickle recipe? Sounds interesting! (And I do have some more chilies of a different variety from my garden that I need to do something with)

Sure thing … the original recipe called for sugar but we don’t use it. My hubby will use these the day after they are made.

Nice! I have fermented a lot of things, it truly is a magical process. The tutorial you linked was a bit confusing to me as it appeared to be a sealed jar without air release, is that how you did it?

Hmmm, well I have closed the lids on the jars…do you think I shouldn’t have? They aren’t sealed tight like they are preserved, just closed with my hands.

The blog post reads:
“Pour enough brine into the jar to completely submerge them. Seal the jar and allow to sit at room temperature, away from direct sunlight for 2-4 weeks” … so I guess yes, the jars are sealed

Thank you so much! This sounds so great, and I’m really happy to learn you can do it with no sugar :grin: Do they last long in the fridge?

I read further down in her comments and she does recommend “burping” the jar every day. So long as you release the gases that build up it should be ok. It would have been good to include that in her instructions as the pressure build up can cause a jar to break!
I personally always use an air lock when fermenting to allow gas out and also to keep any unhealthy bacteria out. They are inexpensive and easy to find it you want to use one :).

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Thank you so much for that!! I’m going to burp my jars right now :grimacing: