Landscapes are fun!

I decided to draw a mountain and I really like how it turned out, I haven’t posted in a while but I might start posting more if these little doodles(btw yes I did indeed make this on a computer and then printed it on a poster sheet.)


Cool! Looks like a neat-o cartoon back ground.


Thx, I really liked making this!


I really like the colors you used, the blended background, the funky clouds and the giant moon!

I agree! That moon is my favorite part, though the gradient background is a really close second!

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I love it! Especially the clouds and moon.

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Cool! :star_struck:

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The moon against that background is such a cool look

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Very cool! I agree with @Magpie, it does look cartoonish, like any second now some character is going to bounce into the scene.

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Thanks everyone, and if anyone has any suggestions of a scene I should make next plz let me know :smile:

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