The Mountains Are Calling Round-up! March 2023

Those majestic maidens of the horizon, mountains, have inspired art and adventure for ages and Lettuce Craft is no exception. Check out this inspiring round up of marvelous mountain crafts, then go seek your own mountain adventure!

Moon and Mountains Tiny Cups by Mountains and Clouds

Rainbow Mountains in Peru…Painted with Yarn by marionberries

IMG_5537 (1)
Big Mountains Acrylic Painting by alteredmommy

Mount Fuji in Thread by AIMR

Little Die Cut Snowglobe Xmas Cards by TheMistressT

“Bake It and Fake It” Island Cake by Redheadedblonde

Stitchcraft Anatomy Projects by Rootcraft

Landscapes are fun! by toadiscrafty

Landscape Embroidery by geekgirl

Large Lakeside Mountain Mixed Media by FrizzyTyger


What a fun round up! I had no idea how many projects could be done around this theme!

Thanks for a nice revisit as well to see these projects again. Some I missed!

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WOW! What a mountainous collection of projects! Seriously, it’s so fun to see how many ways a theme can be inspire or contribute to awesome crafts!


What a beautiful collection of majestic mountain projects! Makes me long for the White Mountains where I grew up.

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Great theme for a round- up! I missed most of these somehow, when they were first posted. Some really cool work here.


Lovely collection!

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Awesome collection!


Loved seeing all of these!

There are some great projects here!

I keep coming back looking at all the beauty. This thread really is majestic.