Last minute Valentines for school classes!

Guess whose children said they wanted to give out hand made Valentines 2 days before the 14th? Argh!

Quick and dirty masterboards to the rescue. I helped with the base layer of torn book pages, sewing pattern paper and tissue, then a rough spackle of pink, red and white paint.
After school the next day, young miss added all the circles and splatters.

Last we stamped hearts onto white paper and fussy cut them out then stuck on with double sided tape. They are signed on the back and say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Other kid waffled about giving any until the night before. I am not kidding you.
These were the fastest masterboards I have EVER made. First stamped all over with 3 images in different colours, then flicked with white and gold paint.

When the paint was dry I stamped onto sticker paper and cut strips to add for visual interest.

And I made them each a platter of terrible disgusting sugar bomb treats to share with their classes because the grocery store is open until 10PM and I am a sucker for punishment.

That photo is completely upside down but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change orientation.


That is some serious parental dedication, right there! The Valentines came out great; I want one of the gold ones…


I wish I had a seat in those class rooms!


I am loving all the hand-made valentine love.


Spectacular! I want to be in their classes!


Fabulous! I am so impressed with what you achieved in such a short time!

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I haven’t had much time for crafting lately so this was a good push to get my mojo working.