Last Ornaments for this Year’s Ongoing Ornament Swap

Here are the last few ornaments I made for the Ongoing Ornament Swap.

First, for @Cyn-energy’s Science theme, an ornament designed to drape over a bough. The beaded side is supposed to represent the molecular structure of cinnamon. The other side has three actual cinnamon sticks, dipped in festive paints.

Next up, for @Lynx2Lancer’s Art Teacher theme, a wooden ornament. I bought the apple shape and then altered it.

I think @Cindy’s ornament is the last one pending in the postal system. I’ll add it here when it arrives.

EDITED to add:

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all!


I love mine and wondered how you got that apple shape. :apple:

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Whew, I thought you’d posted it and didn’t want to see it so I slowly scrolled down until I saw you said you’d post it later.

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Those are both neat and wonderfully done. You really did an amazing job of pinning down the theme.

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Clever ornaments and so personalized…the cinnamon one is going to be a conversation starter!

Love the apple–combining teacher/art…just love it!

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So lovely and personal!

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The molecular structure of cinnamon. Of course someone here has thought of and made this ornament, lol. That’s terrific.