LC Midwest Meetup 2023 - Champaign, IL

Voted! Thanks for the heads up!


It would be nice to see you in person again!!!

I’d love to see you again, too!

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Hello friends. I just posted in the Lounge, to direct folks who might have missed this thread, over here to vote in our poll.

As of right now, July 21-23 is the most popular option, and July 28-30 is the second most popular. Normally I’d just go with the weekend that got the most votes, but we just found out that my husband’s family reunion will be July 15. So I might pull rank as organizer, and go with our second most popular option, to give Jim & I a weekend in between traveling, and house guests. But for for the next few days I’ll leave it open, so anyone just finding us has a chance to vote, in case that sways things in a drastic manner.


I was really hopeful, but I forgot that it’s our 20th anniversary of getting together with our friends at the lake. They want it to be a full week affair, which takes up two weekends in July. Nothing is final yet, though! Hmm… Maybe I could fly into Iowa, drop the kiddo, drive to Champaign (5hrs), have fun with y’all, then drive up to Wisconsin (4.5 hrs) and the hubs can pick up the kiddo on his way through? Choices.


Ok, I left time for newcomers to vote in our poll, but we didn’t have any new responses, so I’m calling it!

July 28-30, 2023!


WOOHOO!! Mark your calendars, people!!!

I’m going to put in my time-off request!


Just sent mine in


Woohoo! So excited!


If I can get a reasonable flight and accommodation, I’ll be there, it’s my birthday on the 29 :grin:


Mine is the 27th. I was secretly hoping this weekend would win :partying_face:.


Then there shall certainly be birthday cake for both our birthday girls!!! :champagne: :partying_face: :birthday: :gift:


Yikes, just priced out flights and they aren’t cheap that time of year. I could probably drive for less, except it’s 26 hours.

Theoretically, if I flew into Champaign, do you know if there a taxi service or uber at the airport to get to a hotel? I had a terrible experience recently renting a vehicle.

I’m sure you can Uber or Lyft. Also the Champaign airport is 10 minutes from my house, and I’m certain one of us could pick you up. There would be plenty of people going to and from the hotels for you to catch a ride with. The airport only gets in two flights a day, so if anyone else was coming in they’d probably be on the same flight as you too.


I had the same question for Chicago airport, it looks like it’s really my only option for international flights, but car hire is crazy expensive. Over $100/day for a basic car, without all the extra insurance etc. Is there such a thing as a bus from the Chicago to the town?

Edit: it looks like there is a bus, but it would be good to know if anyone is travelling from or near airports, then we could possibly car-pool and have fun on the journey.


The trouble is that you don’t even get a guarantee that the type of car you originally picked is available. :frowning::angry: That’s what happened to me…I picked economy size, something similar to my Subaru Outback because I specifically did NOT want a large vehicle. When I arrived at the car rental, they said they only had three available: truck, van, or Ford Explorer. I had an awful time.

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That’s not fun! I found the last time that I rented a car, the car was actually too small. Not in terms of capacity, but the engine was really puny. I didn’t want to drive fast, but you need power to allow you to overtake safely etc. I actually swapped it out for a better one as I had it for 6 weeks.

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I agree…a small car can be more maneuverable for parking, etc, but for traveling, I want as big as they get!

I can see doing that if there’s a lot of people and I’m not driving it :sweat_smile: