Let's go green

I’ve recently made this reusable grocery bag for any unpackaged goods. I especially use it for bread or rolls from the bakery.


I’ve been thinking about making some of these as well. :blush:

That print is so cute?


It is, isn’t it!? It’s called “Save our planet” :earth_africa:

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The kids remind me of Waldorf dolls.:blush:


Lovely…love the insert to break up that adorable print!

Both this bag and the repurposed linen bag made by @Wulf have inspired me to make a bag just for bread…I never know how to bring home the long loaves of French bread…I am going to see if I can find something to make a narrow but long bag!


Charming bag, and great that it is reusable!

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It’s tulle so you can see what’s inside in case I use it for fruits or vegetables in the supermarket.

Great fabric and a very practical bag! Love it!

That turned out great. I did a craft video of these years ago. I found some leftover suppliues, I think I will make some more

Love this fabric!