Lettuce Be Friends

I made these for the valentines card exchange. I made 20 of them.

They are gelli printed back grounds with a hand carved lettuce stamp.


They are really just so full of different details…the cat stamped on the envelope, the lettuce stamp…nice personalization…and those gelli prints makes me think we should do a zoom meeting and just make a bunch of those! Just gorgeous colors and prints! I spotted mine! :purple_heart:

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Now we must romaine friends…

Your gelli prints are always so cool. I love that these aren’t all strictly “traditional” Valentines colors.


So fun. Love that stamp!


I received one of these and it was so, so lovely! I was showing off your stamp skills to my daughter and she especially ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over the little kitty peeking out. Thank you for a lovely card!

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These are great!

Love the Lettuce theme. So fitting. They are fantastic!

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These are all gorgeous! I love the one you sent me. Thanks again!

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Those envelopes! So fab!

I love how they’re all so different yet similar at the same time due to the gelli printed backgrounds. And that lettuce leaf inside the heart just about stole my heart when I saw it. Adorable!!!

Beautiful! Love the grey and orange one best of all. Did you specially select the recipients or randomly address envelops? I know somebody who would also have loved that one immensely… teehee.