Lettuce Craft Stencil Set and Matching Mini Envies

I created these Lettuce Craft and Lettuce repeat pattern stencils for @Bunny1Kenobi in our personal Common Ground Swap and @thanate as “altered” in the Crafty Detective Swap.

I had some transparency paper from high school years (way back in the day) that I was super pleased worked in my Cricut!

I “borrowed” the Lettuce Craft logo and found a simple lettuce design online.

This took my longer to figure out than I thought trying to figure out how to set my designs up to cut like a stencil, so I was very excited to figure it out!

They look really cool layered on my mini envelopes!
I painted the lettuce first in green, let it dry then went over with the Lettuce Craft stencil.

I made 20 of these!


Very cool!

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Yay!!! Lettuce Craft stencil!!! Wonderful Job!

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How clever is this? VERY clever!

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So flipping cool! I love LC branded stuff
We’re like a really small gang


Super cool! Brand all the things!


Thanks so much everyone!