Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

Thanks! I was coming here to share the link. @AIMR sent me the prettiest bit of trim, which inspired me to take a break from Christmas crafting and work on the jacket for a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:


What fun those are!! The cow is my favorite!

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All the tiny things! I don’t know where they come from. I’m a magnet some random bitty bobs, lol. Glad the kids enjoyed them :slight_smile:


Thank you, it’s awesome!!

@AIMR thank you so much for the package full of autumn cheer! Gorgeous hand knit half gloves, wow the yarn is so fantastic. Awesome fabric & rainbow bobble trim, I’m going to make myself something cool with those. And snag tights in “rootbeer”, now I’ll have to figure out a cute work outfit to go with them.
Hugs & squishes to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Annnnnd once again I’m coveting Linda’s yarn stash. Lol


Linda sent you some fancy trim too! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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lol I am creating a rainbow squad…lol…

@antbee–the gloves are made with leftovers from other projects. I love figuring out ways to use the last little bits, and combining them with solids makes them go a long way…I do keep a stash of solid color sock yarns just for this purpose…but my yarn love is always for the multicolor skeins… :heart:

@Magpie — a bit too warm to wear tights yet, but I do get a lot of wear from about Dec to Mar because I wear them with my sari skirts. I am waiting to get my Figgy Pudding tights…they are a luscious purple! lol


That variegated is so pretty! :heart_eyes:

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Just wanted to show off some things that @edel has sent me that I never took pictures of and posted!

I just love how you seem to know when I need a bit of cheer or a more positive perspective…out of the blue, a little something shows up to do that!

Last year, she sent me these ornaments (which I am using to decorate my fireplace!)…in the cutest panda pouch, that I am currently using to hold my various notebooks and pencils when I know I have some waiting times… The ornaments have my favorite on them: glitter!!!

Then, this week, I got a lovely handmade card and a cute little fold out notebook!

Thanks, friend! Love showing off your projects!


Always happy to bring some cheer. I had totally forgotten about those ornaments!


They are terrific! You should post them on their own! I love the flamingo crocheting! lol

I received a sock-knocked off package from a long time internet friend @LeapFeetFirst today!!!

Seriously it was packed to the gills. When I opened up the box, it literally puffed a bit out with the extra space lolol

I’m going to start with the extras and build up to the main events!

There were some delightful extras: some beads, stickers, sari ribbons, and this really cool print! Definitely dark/weird which is so my vibe

Next is 2 different sets of handmade cards :heart: One is made from gelli printing I think, and the other is watercolors.

Next is 3 different paint pour style canvases!!! They almost look like a triptych so I’m tempted to display it that way. I think I will mount the center canvas with some sort of black backing so it ties into the black narrow canvases on the side? I dunno, we’ll see. The finish on it has a shimmer to it that’s hard to capture - it’s so gorgeous.

Next came 2 super squishy soft art batts. I am so :star_struck: It’s hard to not keep petting it.

Now cue the parade of yarns!! :partying_face:

Malabrigo? Yes please!

Handspun!! Heck yes! This is such autumn vibes, I love it so much. The yellow one in particular is so vibrant, and some of the fibers have a shimmer to them that is so entrancing.

These two are kind of opposites of each other. The right yarn is so bright and vibrant, eastery, while the other is almost gray overall but has subtle hues of pinks and purples running through it (I’m sure my picture captured none of that lol). I would never call myself a pink person but more and more, I can definitely appreciate a pop of pink here and there. Love it!

I laughed so hard when I started unwrapping these. I have been very good about not falling temptation to holiday sales to buy new yarn. I’ve actually been actively working to use up a lot of yarn in my stash (those acrylics have got to go), and freed up just enough space in my yarn drawers to fit these. It’s like fate or something.

Thank you so much Mel! These were completely worth waiting for, I can’t wait to figure out what projects to use all these new yarns and fibers for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :yarn: :fire:


drool worthy yarn…and yeah, I think the universe heard your inner plea for more nice yarn…lol

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Wowzers!!! Excellent all!! :smiley:

Holy wow! How awesome! I miss @LeapFeetFirst, good to know she’s still crafting up a storm. Those pour canvases are absolutely amazing!

Haha…the universe rewarded your yarn abstinence efforts, sheep! :laughing: Stunningly!

@Magpie and I did a personal swap and she sent me this beautiful embroidered star ornament! It’s double sided with the same pattern on both sides. And its hard to see in the photo, but the floss used to stitch the white circle in the middle is iridescent. Thank you so much! :blush: :star2:


Yay! I had such a great night with my friend stitching that for you. Thanks for the swap :slight_smile:


Hey personal swap thread friends - the Invite Your Partner Swap is open for signups! If you’re planning a personal swap soon, you might like to join in :dancer: :man_dancing:

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