Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

So jealous. Of your haul and your hang! I love you two crafty ladies!

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Isn’t that trunk the exact same shade of blue as a T A R D I S ???


lol…so it must mean that no matter what is taken out, it never gets empty? lol


It very much felt like that the first time i went thru it… And those wool pants are to die for, if only i had my 17 year old shape.


The yellow plaid is wool, I was so tempted to scavenge that fabric but the pants were just too funky to destroy.
There was a Daisy Dresden Plate quilting template & some really horrifying scraps. It would have been a polyester monster. If I was more of a quilter, I’d have given it a go just for the historical esthetic. Amazing.
There are some other templates, looks like for stuffies. Those are super tempting, I might…


Or however big your stash, you have room for it all! :smiley:

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Just look at this fabulous stitchy @MightyMitochondria sent me, woo!

It’s to hold cards & stationery for letter writing

So much glorious, drool-worthy stitched scrappiness, ooOooOHhhh

It came stuffed with goodies including vintage shell buttons, my favourite.

Thank you so much for this lovely, thoughtful, beautiful gift :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


GASP!! Amazing!! :heart_eyes:

Can’t stop looking at this! Hundreds of stitches and all of those fabrics…

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Right? It’s like her embroidered inchies but on a massive scale. Incredible.

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Wow, incredible!

I’m so glad you like everything. Free style stitching like that is good for my soul. It was a pleasure to craft for you!