Like Mother Like Daughter (Masterboard Cards)

Following in the footsteps of @Lynx, I have also made cards out of masterboard I made.

This first set of cards has my favorite masterboard background out of the ones here. I copied Lynx2Lancer’s idea on her cactus cards but, instead of using cactus I used a hummingbird and instead of using the same washi tape for all the cards I used a different one each time.

(To have the washi tape stand out I went with lighter and brighter colors)

This is not the only set of cards to follow this pattern. The next few also do.

The next masterboard is a mixture of different greens that I had with red fire hydrants placed randomly.

(The washi tape for these cards are all different kinds of fruits)

This last set of cards, the masterboard started out as a mixture of red, orange, and white yet, all the colors mixed and it turned more pink than the other colors.
(I went with a darker colored washi tape so, it would stand out more)


These turned out really cool! I have the best crafty-partner-in-crime!

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You might be following the techniques with your mom, but I like that you are putting your own touches on the cards to show your style and taste! The backgrounds and the contrasting washi tapes are fun and make for nice looking cards! Good job!


Great cards! And thanks for sharing how you decided on the various elements.

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They turned out so pretty. Love the color combo.

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These are all so pretty! I love how you played around with placement and angles too (rotating squares, diagonal washi tape). Fun, fun, fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I love the way you had so much fun with the configurations of the focus piece and the washi tapes. It makes each one a special unto itself.

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