Lime squared cloth

I had a hankering to try a new stitch that was all about texture!

Using the lemon peel stitch [chain an even # of stitches, single crochet in one stitch, double crochet in the next. Always end on a double crochet so when you turn at the end of the row, your single crochets all go into the top of a double crochet]

This little loop with leaves I added to hang in the kitchen is my favorite part. It’s part dishcloth, part pot holder now.

This is made in sugar & cream cotton “Hot Green” which looks a little lime, in my opinion.


This is gorgeous! I love the leaves also!!

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Love this, totally stealing it.
(The idea, not the finished object. Nobody needs a B&E yarn record!)


That’s a great texture and those little leaves. EEP!

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The leaf detail is adorable, and this is the color green if my kitchen, so I love it even more…

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So cute!

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Total charmer! The leaves are such a sweet detail.

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