Little Die Cut Snowglobe Xmas Cards

I had the utter hubris to think I should make about 50 of these, so by the time I was ready to sign and address them, I could not bring myself to take photos. But this one is put together backwards with the opening on the left, so just today I decided to post it.

All the cards use the same set of dies and papers (except for the "wood base which I did in two colors) for the snow globe and include 7 pieces. There were many different background papers so that I could use only stash papers, all of them snowflake or night sky prints; all were embossed with the same snowflake embossing folder.

I used a variety of holiday sentiment stamps on the inside, including this one. I did buy a set of 50 card blanks with envelopes, but the rest was stash. I used a Sizzix Big Shot for die cutting and embossing.


How fun!

This is beautiful, and 50 of them? My mind boggled.
This one isn’t backwards, it’s just meant for Hebrew or Arabic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you!

I actually thought this exact this as I was typing up this post!


Look at that tiny little snowglobe! So cute.

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This is adorable! And congrats for cranking out 50 of them.

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Sweet! Does the mountain open?

Thank you, friends!

I does not, it’s just a two-piece shape. The tree is also meant to be a two piece shape - there’s another tiny tree with a trunk meant to go under this piece. I just could not do it! This way also gave me all the trees I would need with only passing the die through the machine 25 times.

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Very Cute!!

Those turned out adorable. I understand the feeling that comes when you’ve been a bit overspent on a project and are so firmly done with it that pictures don’t even matter any more. But it’s awesome, thanks for sharing :heart:

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Thanks, y’all!