Little Fabric Buckets

For the positive affirmation swap, I decided I wanted to try making a little fabric bucket with a design/sentiment. I followed this super cute tutorial. My attempt was…semi-successful. It definitely didn’t come out as it looked in my head and I wasn’t happy with where my design fell on the finished item. Everything looked great in progress, but that final assembly was a pain and there was some fabric wrangling. Here is the front:

And the back (if there is a front/back):

Things didn’t line up super great when I put it all together, so I had do some trimming, which resulted in everything being less centered on the bucket than I liked.

The black and white band at the top was pieced from scraps…mostly because I forgot to add the extra half inch for the lining fabric to show on the front, lol, but it ended up being my favorite part. I also carved an “X” stamp and stamped that randomly on the fabric so the neutral background wouldn’t be so plain and boring.

Here’s the lining. I strategically hid my awful closing stitches in this picture. :see_no_evil:

I almost didn’t send this because I was so frustrated with the outcome, but my family convinced me it was worthy.

After this I swore…never again! Buuut…that didn’t last long, lol. I had to conquer this pattern!

While picking up some more interfacing (currently obsessed with this material), I ran into these cute fat quarters that I knew wanted to be buckets for my girls.

I made the blue/purple one first and ran into the same problem with things not lining up upon assembly. What the heck? AND I forgot the extra 1/2" for the lining again - blue fabric to the rescue!

Lining (ladder stitched closed this time for a much nicer finish):

While complaining to Mr. Road about my lack of precision skills, I realized…the tutorial has you fuse the interfacing to the batting rather than the fabric. For me, this was causing some major shrinkage to the batting/interfacing layer! That’s why everything was out of wack!

So…for the pink bucket I fused the interfacing to the outer fabric (and remembered that darn extra 1/2" for the lining), and success!! Things went together SO much smoother!

You can even see the size difference when I don’t have to “square up” all the mis-matched pieces.

Phew! Thanks for listening to my rambling! :sweat_smile:


They’re all so cute! Especially the first one that was so frustrating for you. I really love the pieced sun/flower with all its bright colors.

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Super cute results, you’d never guess there were problems! The first one wins my heart, all I can see is perfection.


Good for you for cracking the secret to that pattern! Even the first two attempts look great, IMO.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys, and for helping me feel better about the first one! :sweat_smile:

I absolutely LOVE your scraptastic first bucket. That striped band is such a cool addition! And kudos for you for sticking with the pattern until you conquered it. All the buckets look great to me!


So pretty!
Congrats on figuring out and solving the problem!

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All are cute and look perfect to me.

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Your frustrations led to some very creative problem solving. The first basket is my favorite as well.

They all turned out fabulous and I love that each daughter has a cute functioning storage basket as well!


These are gorgeous. The first one is great, but my favourite is the pink one. Thanks for linking the pattern

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These are so flippin’ cute!

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Every single one of them is so dang cute! Without the “ramble” I’d have no idea that you struggled with this - they’re great!. And good on you for sticking to it and figuring out the way that worked for you. GO YOU!


I think it’s my favorite, too. It feels like a win!

Thanks everyone!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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These are so cute. I kind of want to try the tutorial, but I am a little scared after your issues. I think the first one came out great! I think the suns placement looks like its rising!


Oh I’m sure you would have no troubles. You are a whiz with the sewing machine! If you could make that bubble pod (which I have yet to attempt), I’m sure you could do this. Especially if you fuse the interfacing to the outer fabric rather than the batting (though maybe it’s just my batting that liked to shrink?).

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wow, what a process!
glad you figured out the issue, but I agree with everyone else – they all look fabulous!
nicely done :smile:

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I mostly use polyester batting for non-quilt things. It doesn’t shrink. There is also a batting that is fusible but I wonder if it is stiff enough to use for these.

I have had this pattern on my list for a while. I think I will give it a try. I made notes to make sure to add the 1/2" extra for the lining…thanks for that tip for sure!

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Smart! She used the term “wadding” in the tutorial. I just assumed it was quilt batting. :woman_shrugging: I, of course, bought the cotton stuff.

We might have more choices here…each time I go to the fabric store, I see new to me products!

Now, if they only would make polyester stuffing in various colors. I would do a lot more crochet things if the stuffing weren’t white. I just can’t crochet so tightly anymore and the darn stuffing always pokes through a bit!


Those turned out great, and you can see the progress you’ve made with each successive bucket. I kinda love the wonky ones, they have a bit of “personality” :wink:

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