Little Golden Book Xmas Picture Card Keeper

I don’t save cards. I display them - usually for months after receiving them - on our piano, but then I either use them for some kind of craft or toss them in some way. Oddly, it’s because I am too sentimental; I’m fully middle aged and I’d have soooo mannnny cards and resent the storage space they’d take up, but be unable to part with them if I saved them. Best do it sooner than later. BUT I can’t bring myself to get rid of the photo ones. At least not of the people we care about (sorry bank loan officer).

I had saved a pin for making a Little Golden Book into a “binder” for keeping holiday cards and after making this treat box from a Little Golden Book I decided to do this!



I changed mine from those I saw online with the details, of course, but also by having it open from the top rather than the left side - I used a 2-hole punch. The book and all the everything else came from stash. WOO!

Inside front cover:

Inside back cover:

Back cover:

Tag, label, letter, & pine cone dies are Tim Holtz. Snowflake and postage stamp dies are no-name brand.


That is so cute! I love all the little touches, like that bottle cap with the bells.

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Thank you! The bottle cap came on a gift tag from a friend last year.

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Oh I love it!
Would make a great cover for a December Daily too!

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what a fantastic idea! love this!

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What a great way to keep these photos! I never know what to do with them. I think they are sitting in a drawer somewhere…


Thanks, friends!

I think that there is at least one more stash, perhaps two, around here somewhere, but I only found one of them yesterday. I’m pretty sure that last year’s were put into one of the xmas dec totes. Maybe? :upside_down_face:


This is so cute and I love the reuse of Little Golden Books.
I also love seeing that I am not the only one with a touch of Christmas fever already. Ha!


Congrats! Your project has been Featured this week!

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What!? Awwww, thanks!

It’s such a cute idea. I look for Little Golden books to repurpose when I go to thrift stores but they are always in bad shape.

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Thanks! Agreed - a testament to how loved they are by their target market, I guess. I think I picked up the few I have at garage sales and I think resalers get most of the ones in better condition from the thrift stores before I get a chance.

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I see them at garage sales and estate sales pretty frequently (although not as often the Christmas ones). Do you want me to pick one up for you, @geekgirl?


Ooooh! That would be awesome! Thank you!


What an awesome idea! May have to copy this one somehow….

Yours is fantastic!

Awwww, thanks, friend!

I love this so hard!

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Thanks lady!

This is very cute! I love the details :+1: